The ScreenAware Sensor (the desktop executable you downloaded and installed) is detecting what windows you have open and which programs you edit which documents with.
Additionally it is easy to forget you have this software installed on your computer when you stop using ScreenAware.

Therefore the Sensor component automatically disables itself when it detects you stopped using ScreenAware to save battery time on your computer. This means no data is gathered and transmitted to the ScreenAware cloud server anymore.
So, If you see this message you should do one of two things:

  • You would like to continue using ScreenAware:
    please send us an email to we will sort this out asap.
  • You dont feel ScreenAware offers you a benefit and want to uninstall the local Sensor component:
    Just uninstall the program:
    On windows you can easily do this via Settings > Add or remove programs > Select "ScreenAware [version]" and click "Uninstall"
    On macOS see the article How to uninstall ScreenAware on macOS

If you have any questions just shoot us a mail to, we would be more than happy to help :-)

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