Hello there,

unfortunately I was not able to improve ScreenAware in such a way that the project-detection of users work context worked more than ~80% of the time. This was not good enough both for many users as well as for my own expectations ;-(

Therefore I decided to shut down the service.
To be honest you may want to check out https://memory.ai/timely as an alternative which managed to tackle the above problem in a better way (granted using a lot of venture capital money but still impressive :-) )

If you still have the ScreenAware sensor running, you should uninstall it - see:

Thanks a bunch for testing out our solution and very sorry we didnt manage to make ScreenAware work in the way we imagined it to.

If you have any questions just shoot me a mail to hinnerk@screenaware.com, I would be more than happy to answer :-)

All the best,

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