ScreenAware tries to automatically determine the project context of your screen time.
Depending on the detail level and amount of keywords you used to describe a project initially, in some cases no automatic project-assigment is possible (will show as "No Project".
In such cases (and in any other when you want to manually change the project assignment) you can do so on your dashboard at :


  • draging a single time block up/down assigns it to a different project
  • selecting a specific time frame (dragging from left to right) and dragging the selection up/down assigns all time in that time frame to another project
  • to selectively reassign only time currently assigned to a specific project (e.g. to assign all time currently labeled as "No Project" select the current project first on the left and then execute previous step.

Manually re-assigning time blocks in such a way will in the future also allow ScreenAware to learn which activities should be attributed to which project so you dont have to repeat the process constantly.

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